Many of us already are already aware of a few unhealthy, or even dangerous, aspects of BDSM. I would like to think that my play is pretty sane and I wouldn’t subject myself to anything I consider damaging. Well, I recently found an area of BDSM that I absolutely do not like: orgasm denial. I figured this out while talking with a Dom friend (kind of a phone sex situation). I’ve been doing some reading and it seems there are submissives out there enjoying this type of play. They claim it heightens their sensitivity and appreciation for orgasms experienced later. Many times in the past a Dom has told me not to cum at that moment, but at least eventually he allowed me to have an orgasm. This is not the type of denial I’m talking about. I mean the-I’ve been aroused for three hours and this Dom isn’t going to allow me to cum at all today-type of denial. First of all, let’s remember that this wasn’t with my Dom, this is just a friend of mine I talk to occasionally who happens to be a Dom. I finally go so fed up with him, I stopped talking to him and got my vibrator to finish the job. I found out that orgasm denial will quickly bring out my bitchy side.