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Stories of squirting

A few months ago I posted about my frustrations with not being able to squirt. Oddly enough, if you Google squirting, you find convenient how-to instructions. I read them…and then of course tried them. Still nothing. Even though I read that every women has the capability to squirt, I thought I was just a mutant.

Well…recently I was playing by myself (which I’ve been doing a lot lately since I’ve been Dom-less for months) and BAM! When I finally put down my vibrator and my body stopped shaking from the orgasm, I noticed that my sheets were soaked. I had no idea it was coming, but I finally discovered the secret and it was wonderful!. Even though I haven’t had the chance yet to show anyone else my new squirting fun, I’m sure enjoying it!

Instead of being 20-something years old, I felt like a little kid still discovering the capabilities of my body. This leads me to a funny story from my childhood that I probably shouldn’t share since it’s horribly embarrassing. Somehow I’m ok with sharing embarrassing pieces of information to people who don’t know me 🙂

I was about five or six years old. I have no idea what I was doing in the bathtub, but somehow I discovered there was another hole between where I peed and where I pooped. I was so excited that I had found my vagina that I ran downstairs (still naked if I remember correctly) and told my mom what I had discovered. I remember her laughing hysterically.

End of embarrassing story and I promise no more childhood stories in my sex blog…it’s just weird. I hope some of you got a laugh out of it. 🙂

Piercings-part 2

As I write this, I’m sitting on the couch with ice on my nipples. That’s right. I did my homework, found an excellent piercer, mustered up the courage to get them pierced. As you might know from my previous posting, I had been considering getting my nipples pierced for quite a while. I was scared to go alone, but I felt like my friends are too conservative to be understanding of this type of piercing. (Yes, that means I’m still in the closet about my submissive fetishes) I finally made the decision to be a big girl and go alone.

Even the piercing itself was not nearly as painful as I expected. I would rate it about a 4/10 on a pain scale. The pain was quick and even though it wasn’t really a sexual experience, I think being a bit of a pain slut helped me out a little. The pain now, almost 24 hours after the experience, is minimal. My nipples are pretty sensitive, but I wouldn’t really call it pain. It’s a feeling similar to the moments right after intense nipple clamps are removed. I just hope the rest of the healing process remains easy and uneventful!


I’ve wanted to get my nipples pierced for the past few years. I always chicken out though. I’m really going to do it this time! I’m planning on sometime this week! The issue that’s keeping me from doing it right now, or at least my current excuse, is that I don’t want to go by myself. I’m pretty sure most of my friends wouldn’t understand so that’s why I can’t just bring them. Any encouraging advice?

I started this blog as a way to share my experiences and get advice from other kinky people. You know how girls are…we always need someone to talk to about our relationship when things are going badly, and really, even when things are going well. With my kinky relationships, I don’t have anyone to talk to since my friends don’t know my submissive side. This blog has also given me a place to spill my secrets that I’m too shy to share with anyone face to face. I feel like I can write absolutely anything here without judgment.

When I told D about this blog months ago, he wanted to read it. I didn’t know what to do. If someone I knew was reading the blog, I was afraid I would feel the need to censor it. I was afraid it would no longer be a place for me to vent my feelings. My final decision was to wait to share it with him until he moved and we were no longer regular play partners.

Well now I have another Dom in my life (I’ll tell you about him later) and I’ve been torn between sharing it with him or not. Last night I mentioned it and then of course he wanted to read it. So now I’m in the same boat as before. Pro to sharing my blog…reading this blog is probably the best way to get a sense of what I’m looking for in a Dom and what kind of sub I am. Con…what if this Dom is the source of my stress? I won’t be able to blog about it here because now I know he reads it. If I can’t blog about it, then I don’t have anyone to talk to and I’ll explode. I’m in quite a pickle. I still plan on venting my feelings, both good and bad, about recent experiences here. He just might not enjoy reading them sometimes. 🙂