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Gang Bang

I want it and it’s all I can think about. For now it’s only a fantasy. I’ve really been into feeling used like a little fuck toy lately and I’m thinking this would be the ultimate feeling of being used and abused. Plus I’ve been watching a lot of double penetration porn lately : ) I’ve been into a lot of pain lately (needles and cutting), but I’m thinking it might be time to start exploring more of the humiliation side of things again. Being used as a fuck toy sounds pretty humiliating AND it could be painful too. Just like with the kink family, I just need to find the right people for it.

I’m happiest when I’m single. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a serious relationship and I love it. It doesn’t make sense….I know. I think what I really need is a family, as in a kink family. It seems perfect. I think the stability of the family will make me feel secure enough to really explore who I am. Plus who doesn’t want to have kinky people around all the time? Now I just have to find one…