I recently discovered I am a painslut. I thoroughly enjoy the physical pain brought on by BDSM play. Although I enjoy other sources of pain like nipple clamps, my favorite is the pain caused my impact play. I feel most people start exploring impact play with something relatively simple, such as bare handed spanking. Oddly enough, this is one type of pain I can’t handle much of. My favorite type of impact play is caning. The sting can be pretty severe but it’s relatively short lasting and covers only a small area. I love it! My pain tolerance is highest with the cane than it is with any other toy. I can handle flogging on my ass, but have trouble taking much on my back or breasts. My current play partner went to a party and discovered his interest in the dragon’s tail, or the evil toy as I call it. He decided to purchase one and bring it into our play. Ouch! I absolutely hate it. I’m not much of a cryer, but playing with the dragon’s tail made me cry for the first time during play. I have found that the more pain I endure, the more sensitive I am to pleasure. It’s wonderful! When I look back on play sessions, it is the pain that I remember most fondly 🙂