As I mentioned before, I recently started searching for a new Dom. I’ve been answering some messages on alt and fetlife, but it just seems like there isn’t anyone in my entire state who shares my same interests. Fortunately, there is a bit of romance stirring up between me and an old friend. I thought I was doomed to endure another normal, totally vanilla relationship, but then the gears started turning. I would describe him as rugged, manly, and quite capable of being dominant. I started to think that maybe, if I played my cards right, I could sort of talk him into being a Dom. My concerns with starting with a beginner Dom is that I would have to teach him. Would teaching a Dom be like trying to Top from the bottom? I figured it was worth a shot, since my search wasn’t turning up any possibilities anyway.

I didn’t quite know how to bring it up, but eventually I mustered up the courage to tell him about my fetishes. I was expected him to get freaked out and run away. Actually, his response was quite the opposite. He told me he’s quite interested in the lifestyle. I couldn’t believe it! We talked and discovered we share many similar interests. I’m a little concerned about his interest in public exhibition though. I’ve never been to a party or BDSM gathering, let alone perform in front of people! I told him this was not an option for me, at least not right now. I’m too shy and I’m not quite comfortable enough with my body to show it to a room full of strangers. Unfortunately, I’m not the size 4 I was a few years ago…ugh.

This relationship hasn’t progressed past talking yet, but I will be sure to update you all of any exciting action : )

Anyone out there want to share their experiences of playing in front of others or experiences within a group?? I could certainly use some advice!