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We were sitting in the living room when he blindfolded me and undressed me before leading me to the bedroom by tugging on my nipples. My favorite plug, which is a heavy stainless steel plug, was lubed and ruthlessly pushed into my ass. He then tied my wrists and feet so that I was restrained against the door with my backside exposed for his pleasure. There were bouts of barehanded spanking, paddling, flogging, and caning before moving onto the dragon’s tail. He absolutely loves this toy for the wonderfully attractive welts it creates. Unfortunately, I don’t love it. The sting is intense and there’s very little warning before you feel the pain. Once he started with this toy, I could hardly contain myself. I’m usually pretty quiet (I’m definitely not a screamer) during play, but the dragon’s tail makes me lose it every time. I’ve only cried a few times during play and it’s only been a few tears. He continued the strikes with the dragon’s tail until I had tears flowing from the bottom of my blindfold. The more I squirmed and sobbed, the more he seemed to enjoy it. Then, as suddenly as it started, the strikes stopped. I was then quickly rewarded for my suffering with an orgasm from my favorite toy, the Hitachi magic wand. And then came one of my favorite elements of play…aftercare 🙂 He removed my restraints while caressing the tender areas of my backside and softly kissing my cheek and forehead. I fully believe that I can withstand any type of pain if I know my Dom will provide me with appropriate aftercare.

Pain and Masochism

I recently discovered I am a painslut. I thoroughly enjoy the physical pain brought on by BDSM play. Although I enjoy other sources of pain like nipple clamps, my favorite is the pain caused my impact play. I feel most people start exploring impact play with something relatively simple, such as bare handed spanking. Oddly enough, this is one type of pain I can’t handle much of. My favorite type of impact play is caning. The sting can be pretty severe but it’s relatively short lasting and covers only a small area. I love it! My pain tolerance is highest with the cane than it is with any other toy. I can handle flogging on my ass, but have trouble taking much on my back or breasts. My current play partner went to a party and discovered his interest in the dragon’s tail, or the evil toy as I call it. He decided to purchase one and bring it into our play. Ouch! I absolutely hate it. I’m not much of a cryer, but playing with the dragon’s tail made me cry for the first time during play. I have found that the more pain I endure, the more sensitive I am to pleasure. It’s wonderful! When I look back on play sessions, it is the pain that I remember most fondly 🙂