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As I mentioned before, my play partner is in a poly, long distance relationship. Well I’m going to meet his girlfriend for the first time on Monday and there has been talk about the three of us playing together. She has a lot more experience than I do so I’m looking forward to some good learning opportunities. I’m also a little anxious about it. I’ve never played with another woman before. We will not be trying to dominate each other, we will simply both be serving the Dom. From what I’ve heard, she has a strap on and has expressed some interest in using it on it on me. She also has an interest in fisting, but she cannot take a man’s larger hand yet. So yeah, you guessed it…I got volunteered for the job. It will be an awesome experience, but I know I won’t be as relaxed as I usually am during play. Hopefully my bruises from the caning two days ago will be healed by Monday 🙂

Does anyone have any experiences about serving with another sub?


If you read my last post, you know that I tried my first enema tonight. I should also point out that I do not have any interest in scat play, aka poop doesn’t turn me on AT ALL. This experience was strictly for cleansing purposes in anticipation of anal play. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it. Don’t worry, I’ll keep the graphic details to myself. After the first one, I felt like I ate a bad bunch of Chinese food.

I’ve read about erotic experiences with enemas and people who are turned on by forced (well semi-forced since you do still have the use of a safeword) retention of enemas. I never saw the attraction with it since I always associated enemas with scat play. I’ll admit I was wrong. No, I don’t think enemas are super hot, but I couldn’t help but fantasize a little. Although my enema experience wasn’t wonderful, the control applied by a Dominant would have made it much more enjoyable. I suppose that’s what makes me a sub 🙂